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UOCRA Cultura

Fundación UOCRA develops UOCRA Cultura Program because it understands that Culture and Work are two essential tools for man’s life.   Work and Culture make up worker's identity, therefore UOCRA Cultura Program is born to design and execute a wide range of cultural activities that are opened to community.  UOCRA Cultura Program offers: Music, Theatre, Cinema, Dance, Visual Arts, Shows for children, Puppet Shows, Popular Festivals, Exhibitions, and Literary Events.

UOCRA Auditorium, located in the Building Workers Training Center (CIFIC), was created with the purpose of opening new spaces to enable society to think and show itself.  In the CIFIC, only educational and cultural activities are carried out, consequently its classrooms were designed favouring the teaching of theoretic and practical courses according to specific educational requirements for building crafts teaching. 

Hugo del Carril Exhibition Hall located in UOCRA Auditorium is a small theatre in Buenos Aires City that has consolidated its identity like a space that prioritizes Argentine Culture. This Exhibition Hall takes to its sceneries plays written by national authors, calling for artists of a vast career in the Argentine popular culture. 

The award that UOCRA Culture offers to artists is the “yellow helmet”, Building Workers’ symbol. Those obtaining this award become Argentine Popular Culture Builders, due to their commitment, popular sensitiveness, career, and talent.

Artists who have received the yellow helmet:
Amelia Bence, Antonio Tarragó Ros, Argentino Luna, Ariel Ramírez, Atilio Stampone, Carmen Guzman, Carlos Alberto “el chango” Nieto, Edda Díaz, Hugo Marcel, José Angel Trelles, José Pepe Colángelo, Juan Carlos Carabajal, Los Cuatro de Córdoba, Los Fronterizos, Luisa Kuliok, Marian Farías Gómez, Marta Bianchi, Ramona Galarza, Roberto Tito Cossa, Suma Paz, and Zamba Quipildor.


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